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Build Time Variables Info?


Does anyone know how to use Build Time Variables? I can't find any doc or help on this new functionality.

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Level 6

Hi Jeff Morse,

Please find the online article at below mentioned link:

Please feel free to drop in a query if any

Hope this helps!

Madhav Pai

InstallAnywhere Engineering
Flexera Software
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Level 6

Thanks Madhav Pai. That helps me to understand how to set build time variables. But why do I want to do that? Can you give me an example of using build time variables?
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Level 5

Hi Jeff,

Below is my understanding:

"Build Time Variables" are the variables that have their values set at build time which means there can be few scenarios where you would like to change the values of some strings (can be associated with any action or panel or file-name or any file/directory/registry path) every time you are going to build the project.

For example:

1. You need to change the title of the Introduction panel every time you build the project.
2. You will define the Title as @custom_title_variable@
3. Then you will have this variable declare in the properties file as:
custom_title_variable= Nov_15_2011

4. Now you will build you project from command line as described in release notes.

5. You can also have a default value of @custom_title_variable@ set in Project --> Variables --> Build_Time_Variables property.

So next time you need to build the project and you need to include the new set of the values then you can change the properties file and build the project without even opening the project. Say:

custom_title_variable= Nov_21_2011

You can implement the same functionality in all the actions or panels where you can edit the strings.

I am attaching the project and properties files for your reference. I have implemented the same on few action and panels.

I believe the above information will be helpful for you.

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Level 6

Thanks very much Mac. This explanation and sample helps a lot.

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