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Automate Build Process

I want to automate the build process of my IA projects.
I found in the documentation, that this can be done either by the command line build tool (build.exe) or the Ant task.

We are building our artifacts with Maven. Is there probably an InstallAnywhere Maven plugin available?

What is the best practice to automate IA projects with Maven?
Are there other tools available?
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Level 6

Hi Peter Sammer,

Installanywhere Support Automated Build process via Ant only.

Please Navigate to Installanywhere Installation location to find out more resources ie samples and Help guide w.r.t Ant scripting

Hope this Helps!

Madhav Pai
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Level 3

Thank you Madhav.
I finally created a Maven Assembly to prepare the source directories of the InstallAnywhere project and then added a "maven-antrun-plugin task" to build the installer with Ant.

There is only one problem left, that IA does not evaluate the parameters of the source directories set by:

but I am already in contact with the IA support guys.

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