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Level 7

AIX 7 failing to verify VM

AIX 7 won't find my VMs even though they're installed. I set LAX_DEBUG and it says

Verifying1... /usr/java6/bin/java -classpath /tmp/install.dir.27852854/InstallerData/jvmspecs/Verify.jar Verify java.vendor java.version
=== verify=
Verification failed for /usr/java6/bin/java using the JVM file /tmp/install.dir.27852854/InstallerData/jvmspecs/ibm_aix_16x.jvm.

I stopped it before it could delete all the directories, and ran the java command myself, and it got reasonable results:
IBM Corporation

The jvmspecs file looks like it should match, it says "1.6..."

I tried to put extra debug information into the installer.bin file, but unfortunately there's checksums and adding text to the script parts gets you different checksum results, so I'm stuck with whatever debugging output it gives me. Which isn't saying WHY it is failing to vet the vm. Though the "verify=" line looks like it's supposed to have a value after the =, and it doesn't. Which is what I was trying to understand when I was stymied by checksums.

What can I do to make AIX find my VM? Interestingly on AIX 6 it finds it because it's not TRYING to use the jvmspecs, because it can't unzip the file -- so it just uses some default verification that's simpler!
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Level 7

FYI, I opened a ticket with support on this issue, and it turns out you can avoid the whole "jvm specs" issue by simply not specifying anything in the JVM Search Settings panel in the aix platform. Then you need to have java in your PATH instead.
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