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Report Microsoft SQL Server Version and Edition

Is there a way outside of the database module to determine the version and edition of MSSQL Server within CloudScape? Perhaps an Advanced Ruleset? Microsoft offers some insight in this article:

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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran

There are instances where the database version detail can be seen without utilizing the Database module however there are some caveats to this:

Information about applications and processes on a given server can come to us via two main pathways: we collect information about applications that are installed on the device, and we also collect information about processes that are observed to be running on the device.

These two types of data carry different information; in particular, it does not look like we are able to identify SQL Server version from the observation of a running process.

For a variety of reasons, we might not be able to collect information about the SQL Server installation on a given device, (failure to collect installed applications) and in cases when we only collect running process data, we are not reliably able to determine the version.

Another possible reason that version detail would not be displayed is if it's a 32 bit SQL server installed on 64bit windows, (the platform does not evaluate the 32bit registry key.