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Moving to cloud.. wondering about licensing.

We have multiple databases that are about 4tb total. We only need 64gb memory and 8 vcpus so I am thinking when we move to cloud we also downgrade from standard to web edition. Am I crazy? I dont see anything that would cause performance problems but the edition list is difficult to follow.

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Hi Ashilnayak2,

When it comes to rightsizing in the preparation for cloud migration, or even rightsizing for rightsizing sake, it is definitely not crazy to think about trimming or allocating additional resources.  One of the ways Flexera adds context to have a better informed IT estate is by adding Performance Profiles. Performance Profiles allow you to cross reference the usage of a system compared to what resources it is allocated so to better understand if trimming or expanding resources is recommended. Consuming this information at an application centric perspective allows you to then understand which Business Services are potentially allocated Zombie or Idle servers. The below is from Flexera documentation:

Performance Profiles

We will profile devices based on their performance.  These profiles are applied as tags to the device daily as long as we are receiving performance uploads.

Profile Description
Strained At least 1 performance issue has been found as calculated across all collected data (i.e. all-time) for the device.  This is calculated daily as long as we are receiving performance uploads.  Performance issues and their definitions can be found on the Issue Summary Page or by exploring the devices with issues column on the All Applications page.
In Use Not determined to fall into the other categories
Idle Average CPU and Mem below 20% for the last 90 days of collected data
Zombie Average CPU and Mem below 5% AND the device is not the DEST for any known/critical flows


For more information, check out this datasheet: