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Before this update, for AWS, Optima's "Service" field was mapped from "lineItem/ProductCode", and not "product/ProductName". For AWS MarketPlace services, that "ProductCode" is a hash id, which makes understanding that data contextually difficult. 

This update brings a change to our Optima "Service" field mapping to now bring in the human-readable product/ProductName field for AWS MarketPlace services, allowing for clearer visualization within the platform.


Please Note:

  1. This will only affect data from November 2020 ⟶ on.
  2. Bill processing times may vary, so the marketplace change may show up at different times on the 19th of each month for different accounts.
(2) Comments
Level 3

Thanks a lot.

I appreciate that update which will be very helpful to follow aws marketplace consumption

By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

One other helpful note: the Billing Entity dimension can identify "AWS Marketplace" charges, if you want to focus on those particular Services and see the improved names.