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Error - (Version of vendor daemon is too old. (-83,21049:104 "Connection reset by peer"))

Error - (Version of vendor daemon is too old. (-83,21049:104 "Connection reset by peer"))


The error Version of vendor daemon is too old. (-83,21049:104 "Connection reset by peer") is seen after upgrading the Flex Enabled Client.


Errors similar to:

9:35:08 (flexera) Request denied: Client (11.14) newer than Vendor Daemon (11.13). (Version of vendor daemon is too old. (-83,21049:104 "Connection reset by peer"))

are seen after upgrading the FlexNet Publisher version of the client application.


The version compatibility rules regarding FlexNet Publisher elements are defined in the Version Compatibility Between Components section of the FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide.

Version Compatibility Between Components

In general, always use the latest version of lmadmin, lmgrd, lmutil, and lmtools, all of which are available from Revenera, to exploit the enhancements available in the most recent versions of FlexNet Licensing.

However, some enhancements require a vendor daemon built with a newer version of FlexNet Publisher, and yet others require a FlexEnabled application built with a newer version of FlexNet Publisher. Contact your software publisher for the latest version of their vendor daemon.

The rules about FlexNet Licensing component version compatibility are summarized as:

  • Version of lmutil/lmtools must be >=
  • Version of lmadmin (or lmgrd), which must be >=
    Note: lmadmin can only be used with components with a version of 9.2 or later.
  • Version of vendor daemon, which must be >=
  • Version of the client library linked to the FlexEnabled application, which must be >=
  • Activation utility, which must be >=
  • Version of license file format

Except for the license file, use lmver to discover the version of all these components. For the vendor daemon, lmgrd, and lmutil, you can also use the -v argument to print the version.

The 'error' message reported was introduced in version when FlexNet Publisher was upgraded to enforce this rule. This is an extract from the release notes:

Version Compatibility

The FlexNet Publisher support statement is: version (vendor daemon) >= version (client). Previously, the license server did not verify the version of FlexNet Publisher client during checkout process, when the client version was greater than the server version. This could result in misleading errors, making it difficult to determine that the root cause was that the vendor daemon had not been upgraded.

Now, when a checkout request is sent by a client that has FlexNet Publisher version greater than vendor daemon then error -83 (LM_SERVOLDVER) will be returned.


Upgrade the license server elements to at least the same version as the client application

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