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using vendor defined id


wanted to use vendor defined id, and i was able to run the example program supploed with the toolkit (uses hardcoded vendor defined id).

my understanding from reading the documentation is that we can use the c++ routine to uniquely identify the physical machine. and that id would work same way as normal HOSTId and COMPOSITEID works (apart from using specific keywork for vendor defined id as specified in code file)

is it a good idea to get machine hdd serial number and mac address and use that as vendor defined id?

is there any pitfall i should be aware of, before investing more time and energy setting up vendor defined id?

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@venu_gopal  Yes you can go ahead with hdd serial number and mac address as they are a type of attribute that is available to uniquely identify a system. You can go through "Supported Hostid Types" list from the product document which will highlight the supported hostid as per the OS.



1.Flexera reserves the right to explicitly disallow use of reserved keywords as a vendor defined hostid label. Best-practice is to use 'VDH' as the vendor defined hostid label. You can have a look at List of Reserved words to be avoided for VDH - Community (


A few articles which might come handy

How to implement multiple vendor-defined hostid's - Community (

Sample code for Multiple vendor defined hostids - Community (

Add Vendor Defined Hostid Functionality to the C# Example - Community (


Feel free to raise a case in case additional information is required.


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