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use FlexLM on a Linux system to manage both Matlab and Comsol licences!!!

You can set up the license server to do all that. You can put both vendor's licenses into one file (which I wouldn't recommend), or you can have one lmgrd run both vendor daemons (which I also wouldn't recommend). The safest thing to do is to run separate lmgrd processes for each vendor (so that you can take down one without taking down all of them). To do this you just need to specify different port numbers on the SERVER line for each vendor's license file. Also, it is a good idea to uses the newest lmgrd for all your vendor daemons.
When you run lmstat you need to use the -c option to specify a particular license file, otherwise it just scans the default ports (27000 to 27009) and finds whatever is running there

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Flexera Alumni

Hey There,

Thanks for sharing that input. Indeed that sounds like the most optimal way to do that.

I was wondering if you meant to ask any query there or was your post more for educational purpose. Let me know.

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