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lmhostid -flex empty output for pts/0 session


Since upgrade to 11.16.5 (2019R3) lmhostid doesn't return hostID when root logged on trough ssh session. But it's working if root logged on directly on VMWare remote console (see attached screenshot).

user is root for both cases, platform is linux x86-64

[root@flex flexlm]# who
root     tty1         2019-11-26 19:57  <- output is FLEXID=9-3a8ff**** for this session
root     pts/0        2019-11-26 19:50 ( <- output is ""

when root use ssh for connection the output the following: 

./lmutil lmhostid -flexid -long
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2019 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.
The FlexNet host ID of this machine is ""
ALADDIN dongle not attached.

I cannot reproduce such behavior with FlexNetPublisher Is it some security improvement?  Is it possible to turn off this behavior?

Thank you!

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I can see that a support case been logged on this concern. Let's discuss this in detail there.

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