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lmadmin install - where to get help


i cannot see anywhere to post to get help wiith lmadmin, can someone direct me to a forum to help with a /lib/ ELF interpreter no such file or directory

problem on RHEL6 please. yum install says redhat-lsb-4.x is already installed.
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Re: lmadmin install - where to get help

Hi Steven,

I'm in the same boat as you with regard to support for lmadin installation - it's hard to find any documentation.
I'm sorry you never got a reply to this question. I'll share my answer in case it helps anyone else.

The lmadmin installer is a 32-bit application, even though lmadmin itself may be a 64-bit application. Your 64-bit Linux platform may not include 32-bit support by default. If you get the "bad ELF interpreter" message, try installing the 32-bit compatibility library:


On OpenSuSE, one command that worked for me was

yum -y install glibc.i686

Or just use YaST.

My experience with RedHat is limited, so I can't offer specific commands.

Hope this helps (someone)!
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