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Response XML invalid


We are setting up the development environment, following the Development Environment Guide. After having compiled succesfully the toolkit and tested it with a License file, we have a problem with Testing the trusted storage (chapter 3). When we process activate_response.xml with servercomptranutil, we get the following error:

ERROR: API function 60009 failed, result 51305
Response XML invalid

Response processing failed.
The response XML supplied is not a valid composite response 5.
Exit(4) error when processing response.

We have no idea what the problem is nor how to correct it. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Found solution

We have done it all over again. Now it works. We can think of a few possible causes:

  • we used the wrong manual (from a previous version). However, it seemed that nothing had changed.
  • The manual is quite confusing concerning prepped and non-prepped configuration. May-be we had mixed to two in our first attempt.
  • The manual says that you have to modify the SERVER line in test.lic, where you should replace ANY with the value of the element from the Activation Response file. However the value in the Activation Response file is also ANY. Leaving it to ANY works. But we had changed it to FLEXID=6-a6300155, as is shown in the manual as an example.

Hope that this helps someone who is entering the same problem.
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