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lc_checkout with 10 seconds timeout via VPN!!!

SDK version: 11.13.02

Seems I experienced problem where calling method lc_checkout with option LM_CO_LOCALTEST generate operation taking about 10 seconds (I suppose it is linked with timeout in FLEX).

I observate this time never mind if feature is declared on server LIC file or not.

There are no such delay when I call lc_checkout in "normal mode" (not LM_CO_LOCALTEST).

There are no such delay when network connection is realised directly, without VPN.

Pings to server are working correctly, server can be declared as name / IP but there is no influence on presented problem.

How can I debug more deeply what is the problem?

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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hello, I would advise capturing a wireshark log and seeing where the packets are going when there is the 10 second delay. The fact that there is no issue when not using VPN indicates a networking issue when using VPN.

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Level 3

I don't understand a bit, it works good if it is not connected through VPN and you want to make it to work the same with it? If yes, then you need to search for another provider because the wrong VPN can be the main cause of the issue. This is a normal problem met by programs. If you want to search for another provider, I can suggest you to check this page. This website contains the best VPN providers in the world. They are testing each one and give ratings to them, so you can have much information about them.

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