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Level 4

TRL and NON TRL Licenses


Is there any way i can build flexnet SDK so that it flex enabled application can support TRL and NON-TRL licenses.

Thanks in advance.


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Level 6

Yes.  Essentially you link with lmgr.lib instead of lmgr_trl.lib and you have to have both sets of signatures in your license file.

This is described in more detail in Chapter 2 of the Development Environment Guide (partly in the "Flexible API" section and maybe more),  and in the "License Signature Configurations" chapter of the Programing Reference.

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Flexera Alumni

@SrinivasJL , If your previous FlexNet Publisher toolkit (that includes client application, vendor daemon and license generation tool) was built with LM_STRENGTH set to LM_STRENGTH_DEFAULT ( in machind/lm_code.h), then it is not possible to upgrade to TRL. The upgraded server and the licenses will not work with older clients that were built with LM_STRENGTH_DEFAULT.

If your previous toolkit was built with LM_STRENGTH set to LM_STRENGTH_LICENSE_KEY, you can perform a partial migration which maintains backward compatibility with older clients.

The details on maintaining the backward compatibility can be read through Chapter - 9, Document name: "Programming Reference for License File–Based Licensing", topic - Maintaining Backward Compatibility.

Hope it helps.

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