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Returning linger license to the server


we have a test system, where we have tested using a license file, containing one license.

In the options file, we have set (for test purposes) the LINGER option. Now we are not able to give the reserved licens back earlier, than configured via the LINGER option.

How to return the linger license earlier? lmborrow -return seems not to work, and I found out, this "work as designed"... but we have to give that license back earlier, as the linger was configured with 30 days.

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Flexera Alumni

HI There,

I believe you got confused in between BORROW and LINGER functionalities.

BORROW: With this particular keyword in your licensing rights (license file), you can borrow a license from server and return it when client wishes (only if early borrow return is supported by server - through lsvendor.c)
In borrow, a borrow cache is ceeated at server system as well as on client (look into the document for the locations of those files).

LINGER: This functionality allows the licenses to be checked out from a particular client, even after checkin. So, unless and untill the duration is over, it can't be returned.
In case of LINGER only server side borrow cache is created. So, (its a kind of hack) if you have the server hosted locally, then go to the server borrow cache location and delete the file. Restart the server. It should solve your issue.

A word of advise though, only use LINGER in case of applications which take no more than 60 seconds to complete.

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