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Report Log Decryption


I'm using FlexNet Licensing v11.16.2.0 to manage a few different Autodesk product licences. I've configured it so that it writes Report Logs  (.rl)  to disk, but I am unable to read them due to their encryption/compression.  How can I decrypt/view these logs (or not have them encrypt at all)? 




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Hi Lawrence,

Report logs are encrypted and cannot be read by a person, but are used by FlexNet Manager to produce reports.

Usage data in report log files is encrypted and, as such, provides a relatively secure method of tracking end-user usage.

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@lawrenceCT , have you considered using the "Server message-based diagnostic" functionality added recently in FNP toolkit? It's not exactly like the 'report log', but quite parallel.

Here is a KB to refer:


Thanks for the info @abhayparashar

I'm not actually a vendor/publisher (simply a license consumer), so I'm not sure if this is something I can take advantage of? 

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