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Only the first concurrent use blocks are used

Version FNP We noticed the following behavior: A block of floating licenses (amount 10) is issued. A second block of floating licenses (amount 5) is issued. Both blocks can be activated and are visible from lmutil / lmtools However on the client side it seems only one block can be used / seen, which means only one or the other can be used. Workaround is usually to merge two blocks to one, but this is not always suitable since different branches (production, testing, development) are in place. What are the ways two use two or more entitlements of floating licenses Cheers, ViroloGIS
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Flexera Alumni

In order to answer your question, a little more information about your use case is needed.   Since you mentioned activated, I'm assuming that you are using Trusted Storage (TS).    Is this client-side or server-side trusted storage being used?   (if you aren't sure, what utility is being used to do the activation?)

Can you elaborate on what you mean by a block of floating licenses?   Again, assuming TS, are these two different activation IDs you are referring to?   When you do the merge into one block,  what exactly are you doing, creating a new entitlement with the new quantity?


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We notice same problem;

We have fulfillment with feature 'x' supporting the version example 15.0.
Then there is a next fulfillment with feature  'x' supporting the version 15.1 for example.
If we do  n floating licnese checkout of the version 15.1 it seems to fail saying that flexnet licnese supports 15.0 only. We need further investigation on pinpointing and real verification, but it sounds like license server has trouble with license pools.

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Further examination is definitely in order for both of you.  I'd start by examining server and client trusted storage to see what's available to the client.   If you open a support case, we'd need that information, logs, and API calls being done on the client as a starting point.   Of course, we'd need to know what version for server / client.


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