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Identifier for A Checkout Concurrent License

Hi, All

We are trying to do usage analytics of InstallShield StandAlone Build concurrent licenses, as a first step, we are trying to map a license checkout with its checkin using the vendor daemon log.

In this process, we have encountered a blocker where we see consecutive checkout entries and unable to map them with their corresponding checkins. This can be solved if we can have a unique identifier linked to a checkout and to its corresponding checkin.

Is there a possibility for this unique identifier Or anything similar?

sample log below:

2:00:30 (vendor_daemon) OUT: feature username@hostname
2:10:31 (vendor_daemon) OUT: feature username@hostname
2:11:31 (vendor_daemon) IN: feature username@hostname
2:13:12 (vendor_daemon) OUT: feature username@hostname
2:13:15 (vendor_daemon) OUT: feature username@hostname


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