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How to determine feature version of a license check-out?

Our company uses an application that works with FlexLM for the license management, which has been working great so far. We are able to see what license features being checked out or in. However we recently got interested in what version of a feature that user checks out. The currently FlexLM log doesn't show this information. Would it be possible to configure the daemons to show feature version from the log?

For example, this is what we have right now:

10:04:56 (emls) OUT: "Fea_Test" userABC@PC123

while the feauture is defined in the license file somewhat like this:

INCREMENT Fea_Test emls 2019.12 30-jun-2020 134 \


INCREMENT Fea_Test emls 2018.12 30-jun-2020 134 \

How would I tell the check-out of Fea_Test at 10:04:56 is from a 2019.12 version and not 2018.12?


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From the normal debug log output you can't tell what version the client actually checked out.  I know of two ways to do this. 

The first is use lmstat -a.  That will show each checkout and part of the data it displays is the version that was checked out.  However, this shows the client version, it does not necessarily show which license pool fulfilled the checkout (there is other data in the lmstat output that may indicate this, depending on how you create your licenses).

The second way is to put custom code in your vendor daemon.  You can add a checkout callback or a checkout filter, and in that code you can print out your own text to the debug log that includes the version number and whatever other info you need.

I suppose there is a third way.  I think Flexnet Manager can also report that info, but that requires a rather large purchase from Flexera.  That product is something your customers are more likely to use instead of the software vendor.

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Hi Raffie

I have a similar requirement as that of teedee and adding custom code appears to be suitable for the requirement. Can you please share some links to documents on how to add this custom code to the vendor daemon?



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You probably already found this but look at ls_outfilter in the Programming Reference Guide.

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