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How solution become flexenabled ?


I am creating a C++/CLI exe. I have linked all flexera related libraries from toolkit in linker section. The solution is building fine. While prepping the project in post build event, I am getting error, ".... has not been linked against FLEXnet libraries"

Prepping command is:  ".....\Toolkit\x86\11.17.1\COMPANYNAME_preptool.exe" "$(ProjectDir)PrepToolInfoDebug.$(PlatformTarget).xml" -p "....Toolkit\x86\11.17.1\preparchive_11.17.1.yaa"

What else should I do to make this application as flex enabled or link against Flexenet libraries?


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @gajeshm  ,

Prepping an image which has not included any flexnet calls eg loadflexnet etc should generate warnings to notify user that protection has not been applied to the image .

Open this "(ProjectDir)PrepToolInfoDebug.$(PlatformTarget).xml" xml and make sure all the dll's in it are linked .
Also publisher.xml file should be in the same directory as the DLL you are trying to prep 


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