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Flexnet and Two Licenses/Products

I'm trying to set up FlexLM to run licenses for both Spinfire and Powermill. Currently, it seems like I can only get one or the other to run properly.

I've tried a few things and I've read through their manuals. In theory, both products should be able to be combined into a single license, they are on the same server and point to the same location on their respective licenses.

However, when I try point the service for Spinfire to the shared license and start it up, it says that lmgrd is already serving all vendors and that actifyd is already running.

I get the same problem whether or not I point Spinfire to the it's own lmgrd file or the same one Powershape uses.

Any idea what I'm missing, here?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi Tomjohn,

To clarify, are you using lmgrd (command line based license server manager) or lmadmin (web based license server manager)?
The error, 'lmgrd is already serving all vendors' means that another instance of lmgrd is already running. In Linux, use "ps -ef" and in windows check it through task manager.

Are you trying to run a single license server manager to serve 2 different publishers (vendor daemons)?

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