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Flexnet Publisher - No license server system for this feature


I am expectedly getting the below error while working with Flexenet Publisher.

"No license server system for this feature.
There is a license server manager/vendor daemon running, but it's for
other vendors."

Can anyone suggest some solution or explain what is causing the problem ? 

The problem goes away if I close and re-open the job, but this is not a ideal solution, as the problem is very frequent.

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@RangaPro , based on the error it seems the VENDOR that your application requires, is not running.

A dry run using the command "lmstat -a -c @<server_IP>" would yield the complete list of active VENDORS. You may want to confirm there if your required VD is up or not.

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But if that were right, it shouldn't work if I closed and re-opened the job right ? simply because the VENDOR is not available
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That's correct. Is that the observation at your end? if so, then please raise a case with Revenera Support with appropriate details.