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FlexLM backward compatibility


I have 3 questions.

1. My license generator was built with FlexLM 10.1 and client with 11.14.1. I upgraded my client application to FlexLM and it stopped working. It thew LM_BADCODE error which maps to "Bad encryption code". Then I upgraded my license generator application from and everything stated working. So, Is it necessary to upgrade the license generator to use this version of FlexLM?

2. If I upgrade my license generator, will the file generated with upgraded FlexLM be compatible with old client application of FlexLM? Is there any flag to make it backward compatible? It is a tedious process to re-share the license files to customers.

3. I noticed a significant improvement in time taken to checkout the license when I upgraded both license generator(from 10.1 to and client (from to Have you made and performance improvement while transitioning to this version?

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Hi, the rules about FLEXnet Publisher component version compatibility are:

• Version of lmutil/lmtools must be >=

• Version of lmadmin or lmgrd, which must be >=

• Version of vendor daemon, which must be >=

• Version of the client library linked to the FlexEnabled application, which must be >=

• Activation utility, which must be >=

• Version of license file format.

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