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FNP 11.17

I have successfully compiled everything in Windows 64bit.  In order to give ONLY the required files needed, what is required to run a VM license?  I know to make the SERVER line in the license have VM_UUID, but in Linux, I run  In Windows, what are the .exe and .dll files needed to install the correct binaries to detect a virtual machine presence?

The customer will run on a Hyper-V hypervisor.  I need to detect the VM_UUID and lmcrypt the correct license.

Also, if anyone knows how to use packaging?  We have a license with the same features but one locked at 6.3 and one locked at 5.8.  If users running 5.8 gets the license first, flexnet will checkout version 6.3 of the FEATURE first.  I want them to get the 5.8 license features, because when user two tries to checkout 6.3, only the 5.8 FEATURE is still available.  Could you help out with that?

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This is already being asses through Case 02269612

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