Error during execution of lmflex

Dear all,

I follow the Evaluation instructions provided in fnp_GS-LF.pdf but I have some problems during the evaluation of the License-Administrator and End-User Experience.
Actually, I can not run the lmflex.exe
When I try to run it by writting lmflex in a command window of in the directory , the error response is :
"lc_flexinit failed: 20"

Could you help me ?

Thank you by advance

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Re: Error during execution of lmflex

According to the doc for lc_flexinit, that error means "The FlexNet Publisher Licensing Service is not installed".
You must have compiled with activation support enabled. If that is what you want, then you need the service installed. If you don't want that you'll need to define NO_ACTIVATION_SUPPORT when compiling.
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You'll probably used nmake -f makefile.act that build the toolkit with activation and trusted storage support. You need to build the toolkit with nmake -f makefile if you dont want to use Trusted Storage
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Re: Error during execution of lmflex


The following are known issues with the FLEXnet License Administrator:

1. The FLEXnet is available only in 32-bit versions. It will be installed as a 32-bit web application on 64-bit servers. Therefore it is only necessary to use the 32-bit version of the adskflex.exe vendor daemon

2. There does not appear to be any logging of currently borrowed licenses. The Dashboard will show the hosts that have licenses checked out, but there does not appear to be any notification (linger) as in the Autodesk Network License Manager (LMTOOLS)

3. One user has made claims that the license count for a Suite of products is being incorrectly identified. I have not reproduced this issue.

4. The status of the Vendor Daemon screen does not appear to update unless you refresh or navigate away and come back. I have made note of this in my installation steps above.

5. This license manager is not approved for use by Autodesk and will not be supported in production environments. It is suggested that this be used for testing purposes only. Please use at your own discretion.
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Re: Error during execution of lmflex

you need to change the Data Execution Prevention settings in Windows
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