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Help me! I got the error when using the software

Hello everybody, my name is Brian.

I'm a new member and I come here to look for help. After I finished installing the software, I tried to open it but I couldn't. This error has been showed up:

% LICENSE MANAGER: License server system does not support this version of this feature.
Feature: idl
Filename: C:\Program Files\Exelis\license\license.dat
License path: C:\Program Files\Exelis\license\license.dat
FLEXnet Licensing error: -25,147

I don't know how to fix this. If anyone know the solution, please help me out!
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if you take a look at the FuncRef document in the documentation it reads
"License server system does not support this version of this feature."
The version specified in the checkout request is greater than the highest version number the daemon supports.

That means that your are requesting the feature with a greater version that the license file has. For instance in your license file you have
FEATURE idl vendor 2.0 ....

And I suppose you're trying a checkout with a version greater than 2.0.

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