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Can I use newer vers of LMTOOLS with older LMGRD

my application (PowerDesigner 11.x) comes with LMGRD v.9.2. Can I use the newer version (10.8) or later version of LMTOOLS/LMUTIL with this older version of license server manager engine (LMGRD = v.9.2)?

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Flexera Alumni

The version-relationship rules are:

license tools >= lmgrd >= vendor daemons >= client libraries >= license file format

So yes, newer lmutil working with an older lmgrd should work.
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So does this mean license created on newer version toolkit(say v11.18.3) will not work on older version of lmadmin/license server? Is opposite possible?

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Hi @ashish01  ,

Yes , your understanding is correct . Opposite is possible . As long as below matrix is being followed the compatibility will be maintained 


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