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Did you mean: error thrown when trying to create a cloud license server. error thrown when trying to create a cloud license server.


When trying to create a cloud license server the following error is thrown:  See screenshot below.



In the lfs.log file you may see the following error: 

2019-05-10 00:58:16,801 ERROR [com.flexnet.lfs.aop.LfsWebserviceAspect: default task-3] REST operation failed performing POST on /instances API: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://localhost:8888/gls/api/1.0/instances.

The reason this occurs is if you've enabled security for the Cloud Licensing Service in the FlexNet Setup page - see below:




You need to add the loopback IP address ( and/or the host machines IP address to the Whitelist hosts, as described below:

To add a host to the whitelist 

1. On the System Status page, click Whitelist Hosts.  See screenshot 1.
2. In the Add Hosts to Whitelist dialog box, enter the Cloud Licensing Service password, 
3. Enter a comma separated list of IP addresses to be whitelisted. See screenshot 2.
Note • DNS hostnames are not supported. 
4. Click Change Whitelist. 
5. In the confirmation window, click Close. 

screenshot 1:


screenshot 2:



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