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FlexNet Operations-hosted Download Manager introduction 2019 R1 (April 2019 release)

FlexNet Operations-hosted Download Manager introduction 2019 R1 (April 2019 release)

Akamai has formally end of lifed support for their hosted Download Manager (that uses NetSession).  In turn, FlexNet Operations has a replacement Download Manager made available in UAT as of 3/28/2019 and Production as of 4/23/2019. 

Who is affected by this change?

Anyone using FlexNet Operations to allow their end user customers to download file binaries. You may want to provide guidance to your field, such as Support teams, to let them know about the updated download experience for your end user customers.

Download Experience 

  • The Download Manager will work similarly to the now decommissioned Akamai DLM. It will enable multiple downloads and can be invoked for single files as well.
  • When invoking the new Download Manager, the end user customer will be prompted to download, then run the installer to complete the installation.
  • Tips for end user customers:
    • The installation process may trigger a security notification prompt, requiring the customer to allow the installation.
    • May need to work with their IT to ensure port 45786 is open.
    • Can uninstall the existing Akamai Download Manager from their system.
    • The default location for downloaded files will be saved to the user’s local Downloads directory. (NOTE: End user customers will not be able to specify a different location to save the download. An enhancement is logged with Flexera.)

Example showing how default downloads are saved to personal download folder.  In this case the tester’s name was JChagnot (the rest of directory path by default and would be the same for all users).


If you have any questions related to the FlexNet Operations Download Manager, we recommend posting a reply to this knowledge base article. This will support our community and efforts to provide timely information in a self-service location.

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There is an issue with the Flexera Download Manager, where during the download of files approaching 2 GB or larger, the progress bar may hang.  Flexera is working on a fix and will redeploy when this is available. 

As a workaround, please instruct end users to uninstall the Flexera Download Manager (from 2019 R1 release) and instead download from the direct single link.
Thanks for sharing workarounds, but can you please also give a timeline when fixes are expected?
An official ETA has not been set however Engineering have confirmed that the Download Manager will be available come the release of FNO R2 2019. According the Latest News schedule this is estimated to be "Pending (End of August)".

Does it use Flash internally or just an activeX Component?

Hi @zaid_mahvy

Flexera's Download Manager does not use either ActiveX control or Flash.

How does it work?

DLM checks the Origin HTTP header and validates the security of the download URLs using JWT Authentication. i.e. Flexera's DM doesn’t work with any other application other than FNO(LLM\ALM).

The Download Manager pre-allocates a temporary download file in the installed user's Downloads folder. When the file is fully downloaded the temporary file is renamed.


Download manager doesn't seem to work at all.  My guess is that a port is blocked or anti-virus is blocking it.  I work in a high security environment where I cannot temporarily open ports or block any downloads.  I have to download the items one at a time.

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