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Customizing a JSP for an OnPrem customer

Customizing a JSP for an OnPrem customer


Language issues on the End-user Portal for downloads when using Out of the box language property file.


One of the reasons that caused this issue was seen in the customized jsp provided by the client.

We could see that there are single quotes in line onload="executeOnLoad('${noRecords}', '${noEntitlements}');"


Troubleshooting Steps


  1. Go to path of portalStart.jsp location, \operationsportal\portalStartPage.jsp from FNO installation from client.
  2. Edit using Notepad and modify the below line:

</select> <img class="spinner" src="${appContextPath}/resources/operationsportal/spinner.gif" onload="executeOnLoad(&quot;${noRecords}&quot;, &quot;${noEntitlements}&quot;);">

3. Save the file.

        4. Refresh the UI page and the change should be reflected.


More Information

You can make this change while FNO is running, no need to redeploy since its a jsp change.

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