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duplication of the production environment on the integration environment


Are there people here who have already duplicated the production environment to another on on-premises environment?
I started importing with one-off-upload, but I found it slow and heavy, and suddenly I want to do that by importing sql tables.

Thank you in advance.



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Flexera Alumni

Hello @tallal85 ,

You're looking to move an existing (production env.) FNO On-Prem to another FNO On-Prem (update the production env.)? Or in essence, copying an existing FNO-OP to another environment? 

Typically, such an effort would involve Flexera Professional Services for oversight and guidance. Not to say that other customers have not performed duplication although before jumping to a simple yes or no, there are a number of variables that require consideration. These include number of entities (Accounts, Products, Entitlements, Fulfillments or Devices), Licensing Technology, Custom Attributes, Customer Portal if applicable, etc.

If not, I would recommend at minimum a discussion with your Account Team to start.

Thank you & Regards.


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