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Secure Return of Licenses

I am using the Flexera Embedded in my device in conjunction with the Flexera FNO Portal as the licensing back-office. I have a use case in mind and would like to know how this could be best achieved and if there's more than one way to do so.

My use-case is that I would like to securely return licenses that were previously acquired by my device so that they could reappear inside the portal and be used by other devices. Typical use-cases would be decomissioning a device or if a device is somehow defect. 

In the first step I would like the solution to be manually triggerable, later on I would like to automate it.

Any links to corresponding documentation on how this could be achieved would be much appreciated.

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you need to do a capability request with FNE SDK to obtain the license. You can do the same capability request with reverse quantity to return the license.

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Hi Daniel, do you have any sources where I could dig a little bit deeper into this?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Yes as @daniel_schoepf stated you can simply perform the same steps you use for license activation to securely return/deactivate the license.   In the capability request you can specify the desired activation ID(s) with a requested quantity of "0" to return the licenses back to the entitlement.  Alternatively the end customer could remove the licenses from the licensed device in the the FlexNet Operations Customer Portal, then perform a sync between the device and FlexNet Operations.  A sync is an "empty" capability request that does not include an activation ID/quantity.    

- Jim

So If I understood correctly there's two ways:

  • The host triggers the return by starting a capability request with the reduced quantity and uploads it to the portal
  • The portal processes this capability request and adds up the licenses accordingly
  • How does the portal / back-end server know that  the licenses have actually been removed from the device? Is there some capability response involved here?


  • License is derectly removed from the device in the FlexNet FNO Portal
  • Then a sync is performed ... what does sync stand for here? As far as I understand it would mean that a reduced capability response is generated which is downloaded onto the device
  • The processes the reduced capability response and submits another request to the back-office so that the back-office can be sure that the device has been removed

I'm implementing everything manually so I have to assume that there is (most of the time) no direct connection between host and FNO Portal --> the functionality of uploading and downloading the corresponding requests need to be available in the host's backend and the FNO's backend.

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Would both ways depicted under following pictures be viable solutions for my problem? If so what should be preferred if everything is to be done in a manual (download from ..., upload to ..., etc.) way - what way should be preferred if everything was to be done automatically without user interaction.


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