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Request History takes 3 minutes to show. Can I speed it up?

The Request History page on my FNO Portal   (i.e. Administer >> Request History ) takes literally more than 3 minute before the first page of records shows up.  And there are currently only 103 records in the database.    It's been like this for a while (although I think when I had fewer records it was as "fast" as maybe a minute.)

Is there any way I can speed this up?

This is on my UAT server.  Is that what's making it slow?   Is it faster on the production server?

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Hi @jmoleary,

   Your observation is correct, UAT is very slow in response when we try to open the Request History but PROD is not taking more than some seconds.  Can you please raise a support case so that we can investigate further to fix it?. 


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