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Part Number from ‘MaintenanceLineItem’ for email template


How to get a Part Number from ‘MaintenanceLineItem’ for email template?

Please share any samples email template for same.


Soundar Rajan



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Flexera Alumni

If not already, please review the Help section available in-product.  From the FlexNet Operations Producer Portal, navigate to > Administer > Email >Templates

Producer Portal: Administer: Email TemplatesProducer Portal: Administer: Email Templates






From the resulting display, navigate to ? Help icon on upper right:

In-Product Help guideIn-Product Help guide




A pop-up display will appear in browser.  Navigate/search for > Managing Email and Email Templates > Managing Email Templates > About Email Templates.  Scroll to the “Merge Tag Example: Maintenance Line Items”:


Thank you for your information. 

Unfortunately getting ‘Part Number’ detail is not working as mentioned in ‘Merge Tag Example: Maintenance Line Items’.

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To include the maintenance line information in an entitlement email template see the example below


[[FOR-EACH TAG="LinkedMaintenanceLineItems"]]
Part Number = [[PartNumber]]



Part Number = 12345


If this does not solve the problem you are seeing, please open a case with Support with details of the problem.

Thanks for sharing this information

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Thanks for sharing this information.
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