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Migrate on-premise to cloud


We have an On-premise FNO 2018 R1 that we would like to move to a cloud based service.  There is a push from corporate IT to decommission the VM and move to web services. We have some azure web services already and we were hoping to either move it there as long as it is not in a VM or use your cloud solution, which would be ideal since we don't want to have to update the software ourselves.  Do you have any documentation on migrating everything over?  Do you have suggestions on getting started in a particular direction?



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Re: Migrate on-premise to cloud

Hi Jared,

Can you provide more information about your company? Sometimes our representatives may already be speaking with someone at your company and I don't want to repeat efforts here if possible.  

Normally, we do these types of migrations via services.  We provide a multi-tenant managed FNO service in either our data center or AWS now, so we provide a couple of options.  In regards to services, we can either provide advisory services, where you do most of the work and we provide advice and direction, or you can have our consultants do the migration work for you.  

We really don't provide any documentation on how to migrate FNO on-premises to other platforms.   Please feel free to reach out to me directly.


Dave McLoughlin (dmcloughlin@revenera.com)