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How to use CMAPI to update metered-usage data to FNO?

I have looked through the CMAPI doc and FNE License server producer guide and  can't find the api and examples.

Please advice?


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Hi @fuyili ,

Please refer to the Cloud Monetization API 2020 R3 User Guide which can be found under FlexNet Embedded Documentation in the Product and License Center.  You will use either the /access_request or /signed_access_request  REST endpoint to request metered features.  An example REST body from the Guide is shown below.



Thanks for the quick response!

So if we want to meter  an on-premise deployment's usage for sessions and users and want to have reports for the following:

- How many sessions year to date

- How many sessions last month

- How many sessions last quarter

- How many sessions last year


- How many users year to date

- How many users last month

- How many users last quarter

- How many users last year

And suppose the code makes an  /access_request every week, how would you suggest the request payload should be? I guess we should have two features, one is “sessions” and one is “users”? What borrow-interval, count for each feature, and incremental should be?



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Revenera Moderator

Hi @fuyili ,

If you want to report metered usage of sessions and users then yes those would be the features that you would include in the /access_request.  The request would look like the one I provided substituting f3 and f4 with "sessions" and "users".  You of course will first need to create the features, Product, Metered license model, etc.  in FlexNet Operations. 

Please consult the docs for descriptions of the options, however for a metered model I would set the borrow-interval to "0d" (this only applies to served licenses), incremental to "false", and partial to true if there is a case where one feature hits a cap and you still want to report usage on the other feature.  You can make /access_request calls for each feature separately as well.  The count field is the quantity of the feature that has been consumed.  You will need to monitor this in your application and sending the desired count in the request.