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Fno- Api

Hello, I have experience with programming the FLEXnet Connect API and was wondering if the same or similar capabilities exist for FNO? If so, what would be your opinion on who easily my knowledge of the FNC API would transfer and or help me out with learing the FNO API?

Thanks in advance!
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Flexera Alumni

What kind of similar capabilities are you looking for? FlexNet Operations is about entitlement management (license activation/fulfillment, product definitions, channel management, and much more), while FNC is more about software updates and messaging; and so the API sets are aimed at doing different things. FNO has web services for integration with ERP/CRM systems, and an API for custom processing of data coming in from software or devices and customizing data sent to licensed software or devices, for example.

Having said that, familiarity and understanding of what's involved in interacting with an API set is generally a transferable skill, of course, but the specifics are different for the two systems.
Level 7

Thanks Robert! I believe you answered my question. I am just trying to gauge how easy or difficult it would be to develop an application or customize the behavior of FNO? I have written a WPF application surrounding the FNC API to customize the notifications and downloads piece, and now my company is taking a hard look at FNO for what it has to offer and I am just trying to get a handle on if what I have learned about how to code for the FNC API will help me with coding for the FNO API as I am sure my management will want to do something that FNO does not do out of the box 🙂

Thanks again for your input!
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