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Bulk Entitlements

We have a customer that wants to include our software in their product and resell licences for said software.

They do not want us to collect information on their end users.

Is this possible with FlexNet Operations?

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Re: Bulk Entitlements

Hi Andy,

If your "customer" is reselling your product, then they are really a Reseller (channel partner).

A common approach to addressing this use case that we call "make to stock"...

In FlexNet Operations, you can create Bulk Entitlements that will provide you a list of Web Registration Keys.

Provide the WebRegKeys to your partner for resell. They or their customer can use the WebRegKey as an activation code. Typically software producers want to collect end customer registration info, but if your agreement with your partner doesn't allow that, you can limit the reg info you collect. You have the option to bill your partner based on the number of activations over the last month, quarter, etc. if you can't get them to pre-pay for the WebRegKeys.

If the use case is more of a "make to order", then you can just create regular entitlements for your partner with activationIDs that they can re-distribute. All activations will look as if they belong to the partner.


Bulk entitlements and Web Registration Keys are covered in the documentation and online help.

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