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Automate licence generation (e.g. command line or REST call)

Hello together,

we received FlexNew Operations through a takeover and are currently reviewing the process.

We aim to automate our licence generation process. Currently we know and use FlexNet Operations web UI for the licence management (create new customers, generate licence file etc.).

Is there a possibility (and documentation) to manage those tasks via command line or REST call (or any other way which allows to automate the process) in order to integrate it in our automated order and release process pipeline?

Thanks and best regards


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Re: Automate licence generation (e.g. command line or REST call)

Hi @philippschulze ,

Yes, there are a rich set of SOAP Web Services available for programmatic integration.   Details can be found in the FlexNet Operations Web Services / Integration Guides which can be downloaded from the Product and License Center.


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