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SKU LibSKU Library Update Reportrary Update Report


The SKU Library Update Report is provided to help identify the latest installation of the ManageSoft SKU Library (a SKU is a Stock keeping Unit, a numbering system that identifies software applications).

This article provides an overview of the report, followed by installation instructions using the report files attached to this article.


This report provides the following information about the installed SKU Library.

  • Installed SKU Library version
  • Number of SKUs added by the latest SKU Library
  • Last time the SKU Library installation was run.

In the case when there is no SKU Library installed, the report will show "Never imported".

Note: Reporting Services support in Enterprise Compliance Manager requires Microsoft SQL 2005 or later.

Report download and installation

Note: For information about Reporting Services with Enterprise Compliance Manager, refer to the Enterprise Compliance Manager User Guide (located in the documentation folder of your Enterprise Compliance Manager installation), chapter 4 Installation, under the section "Configuring Reporting Services".

The report and the supporting installation files are available for download as an attachment to this article.

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to %ProgramFiles%\ManageSoft\Reporter\Web\MGSDefns\En\Temp.
  2. Create a new folder called SKU Library under an existing directory %ProgramFiles%\ManageSoft\Reporter\Web\MGSDefns\En\Compliance
  3. Copy SKU Library Update Report.rdl and ManageSoft.rds to %ProgramFiles%\ManageSoft\Reporter\Web\MGSDefns\En\Compliance\SKU Library
  4. Edit RegisterSKUReports.bat and replace the following parameters with valid values:
    • domainName: the name of the domain containing your Reports Server
    • serverName: the name of your Reports Server
    • mgsDataUserName: an account name valid in this domain that can access the Reports Server
    • mgsDataPassword: the password for the above account.
  5. Run RegisterSKUReports.bat to register the report.

Any issues or questions about the installation and use of this report may be directed to the ManageSoft Support team.

Additional Information

This article only applies to version 9.2.3 and below. It uses SQL Server Reporting Services which is no longer used in FNMS 2014 and above.
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