Manual PURL/SKU Download & Importer instructions for FNMP 9.0 - 9.2.3

Manual PURL/SKU Download & Importer instructions for FNMP 9.0 - 9.2.3


Manual PURL Download & Importer instructions for FNMP 9.0 - 9.2.3


The download & installation of the SKU & PURL libraries can be performed automatically for servers that can download files from the Internet.
Servers without an Internet connection, will need to have these libraries downloaded & installed manually.

The following instructions are for FlexNet Manager Platform / Suite versions 9.0 and later. Earlier versions of the product should refer to Knowledge Base #M100999.


Downloading the PURL blades for FlexNet Manager Platform (FNMP) needs to be performed by an installation of FNMP. If the server does not have access to the internet to perform this download, it can be performed on a separate computer, by installing the FlexNet Manager Platform Remote Console. This computer downloads the SKU library, along with the PURL blades. These files are then transferred to the FNMP server and are imported.

Please note that the PURL vendor specific publisher downloads also require that the current Application Recognition Library (ARL) has been download and installed. Refer to Knowledge base article #M100995 for further information on downloading the ARL.


Installation instructions for FlexNet Manager Platform Remote Console can be found in the ?FNMP Installation Guide? under ?Installing a Remote Compliance Console?.

Hint: after installing the console, remember to run the ?ManageSoft.Activation.Wizard? program as an administrator, when importing the license key.

Once installed, the file ?ImportPURL.exe? needs to be added. To do this, either copy the ?ImportPURL? file from the ?bin? directory of your FNMP server, or from the link at the bottom of this article (see additional information section). This file needs to be copied to the ?bin? directory of the Remote Console. In a typical installation, this can be found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin



This process is normally run each time you receive notification that new content is available in the product use rights libraries. An alternative is to configure a scheduled task to perform the check weekly and download as required.

To download the library files, use the ?ImportPURL? command. This file has the following options:

-i Import

-dl Download

-h Show usage (help)

To download the current SKU & PURL files, open a command prompt, navigate to the ?bin? directory and type the following command:

ImportPURL -dl <path>


C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\ImportPURL ?dl c:\temp


When completed the directory used for the <path> will contain one or more .cab files. These files need to be transferred to your FNMP server


Server Import

To import the library files into the server, use the ?MgsImportRecognition? command. This file has the following options:

-u Use this Username

-p Use this Password

-pu Use this Proxy Username

-pp Use this Proxy Password

-ps Use this Proxy Port

-dl Download

-ia Import this ARL file

-is Import this SKU or PURL file

-h Show usage (help)


Navigate to the ?bin? directory and type the following command:

MgsImportRecognition -is <path>\<filename>.cab



C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition ?is c:\temp\


This needs to be repeated for every .cab file that has been downloaded and transferred. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition ?is c:\temp\

C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition ?is c:\temp\

C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition ?is c:\temp\


All actions performed by the PURL Importer tool will be logged to the console and to a '%TEMP%\ImportPURL.log' file on the computer it is executed upon; unless specified elsewhere. Additional logs are also generated for each set of publisher information imported, again in the '%TEMP%' directory for the user executing the tool. These will contain details of any errors which occur.

Additional Information

The attachment ( to this article contains two attachments:
  1. contains ImportPURL.exe for 9.0 & 9.1
  2. contains ImportPURL.exe for 9.2

Please ensure you use the correct file for your console version.

Download URL's
If you require the URL's to download the ARL and PURL files to perform the manual update process please review the "Manual Updates of Library Data" topic in Chapter 2 of the Installing FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises PDF file available for download from Flexera HelpNet at The URL's and update process is outlined in this document.

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