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You could not be signed into Flexera Analytics

You could not be signed into Flexera Analytics FlexNet Manager Platform authentication failed with the following error message: License limits exceeded. Access rights in FlexNet Manager Suite can be set to give access to more operators than are actually licensed. Logging into this portal is disallowed until the access rights count for each type of operator is within the license limits. Please ask an administrator to adjust access rights or contact Flexera for increased license limits Troubleshooting steps: Verifed the services it is UP and running fine. License also we have. Please find the attached license details. Please email me @
Karyn @ Westpac Oz
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Presuming this is an on-prem Flexera environment there are two distinct license levels for Analytics, i.e. a standard Analytics User (which is the one you captured in the screenshot), but there is also an Analytics Administrator (Business Reporting Portal Admin) entitlement of which only exists one entitlement.  Is it possible you have a role(s) that are granting more than one person the Analytics Administrator privileges?


I have verified that Business Reporting Portal Admin having 2 users account one for Single user and another one for service account. Please see the license screen shot attached. Please help me to solve the issue. My email id is
Karyn @ Westpac Oz

If you look at the second image for the "Business Reporting Portal Admin" role, it indicates that 2 assignments of this role are used, meaning that you have assigned the Portal Admin role to 2 different users.  The FNMS License Key for Cognos only allows 1 user to have this role assigned to them which is why you are receiving the error message. 


Look at the main Accounts page within FNMS and find the 2 operators that have been assigned to this role.  You must assign 1 of these accounts to the standard Analytics user role.

Can we have able to find the login details and error message logs for the Flexera Analytics ?