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We are getting the error message Unlinked from Software Application

Hi Team,

We have issue in the VM host au2106mpd0001 and au2106mpd0002. Found the error message in the history of inventory device properties

"AUAUTD0001\SRVC_TACM_FNMS_PROD : Unlinked from Software Application : DB2 9.7 Enterprise Server"

Please help me " what is the meaning and why this message occurs in FNMS".


Dhananjayan M

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This is not an error per definition. The log entry just means that the specific application is no longer discovered on this device. There are multiple reasons, why this can happen, e.g.

  • The original evidence(s), that led to the recognition of this application, are not found anymore. This could be the case if an application got uninstalled.
  • Or maybe it got patched and recognition doe snot keep up? Maybe check your unrecognized evidences.
  • The application recognition library may have changed and the evidence could be leading to another application.
  • Seeing IBM in your screenhot, maybe the installation of another application led to the recognition of a bundle?

It can be a bit hard to understand why an app was removed, because by then, the data war removed already. Maybe you can compare the evidence details with another machine that still has the application?

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But again, sort with WIB_ADDM_Prod in FNMS found the devices.

But we have issues from the devices au2004apa0507 or start with au2004,au2006 devices. But other devices we are not seeing any error message like this.

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What is your inventory source for these servers?  What the message basically is telling you that when importing the most recent source of inventory for the server, no evidence is being reported that indicates that DB2 is found, so FlexNet is removing the installation of that software application from inventory.