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Unable to Assign Publisher defined hostID to the local license server

We are following the below steps to use the producer defined host id for the Local License Server, but still the device is getting registered with EtherNet Id.


  1. Set server.publisherDefinedHostId.policy to strict in the policy settings file (producer-settings.xml) file
  2. Using the example code ExamplePublisherDefinedHostId.c provided by Flexnet and generated as we are using Linux with JVM 64-bit
  3. Placed the file in the folder with same name as publisher and placed that in the same folder as Flexnet.jar resides
  4. Ran the server

Even after doing these steps mentioned in the FNE_LicenseServerGuide_2022-02.pdf doc, we are unable to assign the publisher defined host id to the Local License Server, instead Ethernet Id is getting assigned as the Host Id for LLS.


Could you please help us on resolving this issue.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @rahulksisodiya Could you please raise a support ticket to investigate further and help you to fix this issue?. 

Best Regards,

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