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Re: Want to integrate API's with our web server

Yes you are right I want to get all details of licensing through entiltilement I'd and other api exposed to us
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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hi @ankurshah32,

Per @sgeary's question, it looks like your question is better suited for one of our other product forums. We have two technologies that enable software licensing (FlexNet Embedded and FlexNet Publisher). I will move your post to the FlexNet Embedded product forum for now, to get you started. But please feel free to also post your question on the FlexNet Publisher forum if you'd like to learn more about that solution as well. 

Also if you are already a Revenera customer, we invite you to take a look at our Revenera Learning Center to check out the growing library of getting started tutorials.

I hope that helps!


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Yes I am Revenera customer but we don't have paid support that is the reason I have started discussion over here. I have a UAT link provided by Revenera.

Can you please let me what will be the best way to start this project "integrate API's with our web server". I found some of the documentation but either it is outdated or lack of documentation.

I am referring to PDF (FNO2020R3SP2_WebServicesIntegrationGuide.pdf)

If we refer to SOAP documentation (Chapter 2 page 16)  found that some of the classes are not available. For example:

EntitlementOrderService is not available instead we can find EntitlementOrderServiceInterfaceClient ( check reference.cs file ) but when we tried to use interface client it does not have property Credentials and PreAuthenticate. That is why we are unable to connect to a web service to perform a simple operation. Any additional information here can help us to move ahead

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Hi @ankurshah32 ,

The FlexNet Operations SOAP wsdls can be downloaded at https://{yoursite}  You can use tools like SOAP UI to import the wsdls and test the various methods.



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I am new to Flex era so pardon me if I ask any irrelevant question.

I wanna to use your Flex era API's exposed to License holder. To start using your API's I need to get a authentication token from your API's so that these token can be used for other API's  for example get Entitlement ID and other things. Can you please let me know from where I can start. If you can give me sample code to in C# that will be good for me. 

Based on your message I believe you are looking to utilize APIs for FlexNet Operations ( entitlement management) vs Code Insight (Software Composition Analysis) due to your mention of an Entitlement ID

Can you confirm this and if that is the case we will need to move this over to the other forum to be addressed.



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Yes you are I want to get all details of licensing through entiltilement I'd and other api exposed to us
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