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Slow processing about add/deleting users

Hi, we are using Flexnet Embedded to manage the software license. And usually we will use REST API to operate the user add/delete. 

Now the user qty has become to about 1800. And we observed that it's getting very slow about adding/deleting users, comparing to user qty lower than 1000. it will take usually 6~8 mins to finish a single operation. 

Could you please tell how to fix this?  Thanks. 


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Level 2

Hi, here are some more details. 

The main called interface flow  are follow:

// Called REST API.
 1. Query gid:;
 2. Query rid by gid and hardWardid:" + hardWareId;
 3. Delete the License by gid and rid(use DELETE method):;
 4. Add License by gid and hardWardId(use POST method):;
 String reqBody = "{ \"hostId\":
{ \"value\": \"" + hardWareId + "\", \"type\": \"STRING\" }
, \"reservationEntries\": " + features + " }";}

Now current we encounter two problems:

  1. The LLS will return uncertain results(eg: Service is busy processing reservations, glsErr.dbFailure), the detail error log can get from attachment: debug.log;
  2. Call the delete and add REST API is slow, it need maybe takes 5-8 minutes get the result.
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