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Load balancing strategy for FNE server.


I am looking for some suggestions on how I can run a cluster of FNE servers in order to balance the request load among them, If this is possible an additional requirement in this regard will be how such cluster can be configured to use same H2 database.

In our use-case FNE server stops responding after accessive license checkout requests from a client (hundres/sec),  I know there is rate-limit param which can keep fne-server responding in such situation but this will delay the responses, thats why looking for load-balancing solutions using single instance of DB.

Please let me know if possible in FNE natively, some out of the box suggestions are also welcome.


Kamal Krishna Bhatt

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I am equally interested in the answer on how to configure and manage a cluster of LLS with failover capability. Thanks

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Hi @pdl_stsrd_lice @jacques_latta Can you check this document

also, make sure you have read and understood "Additional Failover Considerations" before enabling the failover. 

Best Regards,

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Hi @mrathinam  ,

Thanks, I know you were answering @jacques_latta  question. But my question in the post is about load balancing instead of failover. 

Failover setup we are already using but in our usecase. But no. of requests to server is goes significantly high over the time so I am really interested in some in the box load balancing capability in FNE server, Is there any such thing exists.


Kamal Bhatt

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@mrathinam Any update on the how to setup load balancing with  cluster of LLS with failover capability?  The link you shared mainly talks about configuring failover rather than load balancing. 

Hi @nityapraveen I Am checking with the team and come back with more details as soon as possible.

Best Regards,


Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @nityapraveen  As of now LLS support primary and secondary server mechanisms for failover with quite a few limitations. However, there is a plan for High Availability LLS (configured as a cluster with a load balancer in front) and this is in the Road map item of FNE.

Best Regards,

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Thanks @mrathinam  for the update.