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Checking the Cloud License Instance(CLS) health

I am looking for an API in FlexNet Embedded SDK to check the health of a Cloud Licensing Instance to make sure the Cloud Server ID provided by user is reachable to acquire features, before making any capability request. 

Is there any API for the same in the client SDK? 

CC: @mrathinam 





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Revenera Moderator

Hi @nityapraveen 

If you want to check the overall status of the CLS module, whether it is reachable, and the build version you might want to use the GET on "".

If you want the same information about the build from individual CLS instances, you can use "<CLS_ID>/health".

Having the above said, if you want to confirm whether a CLS instance is ready to serve license, you can fire the URL "<CLS_ID>". But this endpoint will work with the Bearer token which you will get from the endpoint ""<CLS_ID>/authorize"

You can do the get call on the same endpoints from your code to get the health status of the CLS. 

There is no specific API from SDK side to check for CLS health as CLS health endpoints are different.

Best Regards,

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