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FNE C SDK / Windows : Dependent DLLs FlxCore64.dll and FlxComm64.dll not loading

Hi all,

our Windows software uses the "FlexNet Embedded Client 2019 R2 C XT SDK", the dynamic link libraries FlxCore64.dll and FlxComm64.dll are deployed into the same directory as the main application .exe.

This usually works without problems.

In rare cases, though, license check initialization fails, and I have found out (through ProcessExplorer), that the reason is that the Flx-DLLs are not loaded at all.

I realize that this is not an easy problem to solve, as it happens so sporadically, but have you guys seen anything like it and give me some hints?
Here are the details I have:

- So far, this occurred on 2 customer machines (different machines, different customers).
- On these machines, the effect is reproducable.
- However, over machines with the same configuration/software environment/permissions work fine.
- Starting the software with admin permissions solves the problem, but is not a permanent solution.
- Temporarily deactivating Windows Defender, AntiVirus Software and other "guards" does not help.

I thought about maybe linking the Flx dependencies statically, but there does not seem to be such an option:

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards

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