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Moving Trusted Storage Location

Hello all,

We use FlexnetEmbedded in one of our products and I had a question about moving the trusted storage location. We want to make some changes to the installation of our product. As a result of these changes we are moving around a bunch of the files we install. We would like to move the location of our trusted storage with the new version of our software. However, we would like to do this without disrupting existing customers that already have license rights in trusted storage on their machine.

Can we freely move trusted storage to a different location? For some reason I thought that if you move the trusted storage location, FlexnetEmbedded would detect that as tampering. Is that correct? Is it ok to freely move the trusted storage location or is there a special way to accomplish this some how?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @harry_1_campbe ,

You should be able to move the location for trusted storage from one product release to another.  You'll just want to make sure you are not trying to access both locations simultaneously. 



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